Imagine the Possibilities!

GEMagination™ is a unique creative research approach that was commissioned by PSCU on behalf of our Member-Owner Credit Unions to discover deep, unmet needs specific to Millennial financial services consumers. The report provides insights that can help us all better understand Millennial consumers and their needs and behaviors based on their understanding or lack of understanding of financial services today. This report can be one of the many inputs to your product planning or strategic plans to help you gain new prospects for your credit union and develop long, successful relationships with this growing demographic segment.

This report is the first installment of this work and is available to all credit unions to share with your teams so they can understand a little deeper the needs of the participants in this study. Use it to build your business plans for successfully attracting and gaining new business, or to understand how you can retain valued relationships.

This work underscores the importance of understanding what people say they will do, what they actually do, and why they act as they do. This work is foundational to developing products and services that can fulfill unmet needs in many ways whether it is specific products, financial services education, marketing and more. Download it and read about it today!

GEMagination™ was developed by the Creative Problem Solving Group, Buffalo, NY


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