Your Playbook for Success

Throughout our workshops and planning sessions, the Possibility Makers have kept your members' experience
at the heart of their strategy – positioning your
credit union for deeper engagement at every touch point.

That strategy includes:

  • Developing tools for sustainable growth
  • Reaching and connecting with new and
    existing members
  • Engaging all your members and prospects
    across channels
  • Taking advantage of the digital landscape while
    strengthening real connections
  • Building flexibility into The Playbook, so it can be
    adjusted to each credit union’s unique needs

There are new players trying to get into the digital payments game every day. From tech giants to start-ups, interest in the payments industry is booming. This playbook is designed to help you think differently about your credit union business and how to create the kind of experience your members want – and the kind of growth you need.

The new digital economy is yours – if you’re willing to take it.


How To Use The Playbook

Consumers Cooperative Credit Union, Lake County Illinois

Listen to How Consumers Cooperative Credit Union was able to apply the Playbook to their work.  Starting a new payments department is no easy task! 


Mid-Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union, Kingston, NY

Engaging the C-Suite in rallying around The Playbook found success at Mid-Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union.  Many lessons brought forth from the user of the Playbook.


Pen Air Federal Credit Union, Pensacola, FL

Sharing the Playbook and the tools with others in your organization can help others learn about what can be effective at their credit union resulting in improved processes.


Start Building Today

The Digital Shift is changing the way consumers think about money. Today, and in the future, your members will look to you to provide a seamless, user-friendly experience across all channels – from brick and mortar to digital. When it comes to meeting higher expectations, credit unions have always made their members proud. This work is about continuing the tradition of collaboration for the benefit of your members, and to ensure sustainable growth for our credit unions.


Our goal is to make credit unions the most relevant, accessible
and member-centric financial institutions for generations to come.


In order to get The Playbook, you will need a code to download it.
Please contact Mindy Weaver ( if you do not have or know the code.


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