The Playbook

Building a foundation for credit union growth, TODAY.

The Playbook is the product of a new approach that breaks the historic model, but also recognizes the unique qualities and mission of each credit union. The Digital Shift is changing the way your members live their daily lives, from communication to shopping to how they handle their money. Your members, both present and future, will be looking for engaging experiences with you, that are both personal and technology driven – at the same time. The Digital Shift transcends website facelifts and quick-hit mobile product offerings; it’s about creating helpful experiences and higher levels of engagement for your members at every touch point for all ages. It involves understanding their needs and then creating a vision of success for the future.

Our mission is to collaborate with elite talent from credit unions across the industry, and build upon credit unions’ needs to take proven innovation, strategy, marketing, product development, and change management methods  to provide our members a playbook containing tactics and tools to drive effective shifts in strategy to capture new members. Digital connections impact all age groups. We understand that credit unions already have the best model for financial services – we want to help you provide the kind of user interaction that keeps people coming back to Internet giants like Google and Apple, keeping your member at the heart of your growth.



Our goal is to help credit unions become the most relevant, accessible
and member-centric financial institutions for generations to come.


In order to get The Playbook, you will need a code to download it.
Please contact Mindy Weaver ( if you do not have or know the code.

Better Leaders Today. Greater Success Tomorrow.

As consumers, we all see the world differently, and we’re all party to these changes. The digitization of economics won’t stop. So as financial services leaders we need to change as well. The Possibility Makers program is about credit unions collaborating to create that change. 

The Possibility Makers represent the credit union industry's elite talent – the people recognized for their insight, skills, collaborative spirits and positive attitudes. Once selected by their credit unions, these Possibility Makers work together to imagine and strategize for the future. They engaged in deep-diving workshops with innovation partners like Filene, IBM and others in the real world, and continued the conversation online, applying theory from workshop sessions to practice and getting results.


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